Pagan Moon

Pagan Moon

Pagan Moon, owned by Alan and Judith Boyes, is a special kind of excitement when she comes into the harbor. With dark red sails and a dark green hull, Pagan Moon is a steel cutter—32’ on deck, 40’ overall—designed by Merritt Walter (Gypsy Rover) and built by Marine Concepts during 1979-1980. The insulated steel hull and cabin house encloses a finely finished mahogany interior.

Pagan Moon is a world class vessel capable of sailing around the world or just anchoring in that “One Particular Harbor.”

A Memorable Story from the Captain

“Warm Summer Rain”

My wife, Judy, and I have always loved Damariscove Island. It’s a magical place with a long past dating back before the 1620 Pilgrims. One late fall afternoon we sailed into the harbor, set 2 anchors, (bow and stern, it can be tight at low tide), and settled in for what turned out to be a very special evening.

After dinner, with rums in hand, we retired to the cockpit to enjoy the warm, quiet darkness of this special place. It was flat calm, with a slight mist in the air. For once (since if was after Labor Day), we were the only boat at anchor. A school of fish swimming by lit up the water with a brilliant  phosphorescence only inches from Pagan Moon.

Gradually the mist turned to rain — with every drop that fell the phosphorescence glowed like stars in the water. We sat in the rain, two lovers watching nature’s display. We didn’t need our foul weather gear — we were warmed by the beauty around us.